You’ll find a wealth of valuable information regarding our stewardship work throughout the Bay Area and other resources to support the climbing and environmental climate. Whether you’re seeking knowledge about our local crags, looking for community, or seeking assistance on a particular topic, our carefully curated collection of resources is designed to cater to your needs.

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Crag Information

Our BACC Crags guide gives a general overview of all crags that BACC helps in stewardship. This guide covers the basics that a first-time climber should know including parking, approach, rock type, climbing style, when to climb (tides/rain), rock type, cell service, and other resources related to the area. Additionally, the guide gives a log of BACC stewardship events that includes clean-up days, trail work, and management of invasive species.
Below is a snapshot of the guide, however it is best viewed in Google Sheets.


“Learning how to evaluate bolts instead of blindly trusting them is a critical skill for any climber, and it could save your life.” – Access Fund, Bolt Basics

When climbing outdoors, it’s your responsibility to evaluate every bolt you clip. Bolts are not regulated and might break. No bolt is ever guaranteed and climbing is inherently risky. If you do not know how to evaluate bolts, seek guidance from an experienced guide or study books about anchors. For information on identifying bad bolts and making personal decisions about what bolts to trust, check out these resources from the Access Fund and ASCA.

Many of the new stainless steel new bolts and anchors in the Bay Area were provided by the American Safe Climbing Association, whose support is essential to maintaining local fixed hardware. Donate here to support the ASCA’s work!

Bay Area Climbers Coalition supports local re-bolting efforts in any way we can and works with a trusted network of expert volunteers. You can contribute to these efforts by reporting bad bolts you see on the Mountain Project page or page. Email us at or stop by an upcoming Adopt-A-Crag or community event to learn more about our rebolting efforts.

Transit-Accessible Outdoor Crags

James Dong, owner of Last Minute Gear and organizer for Queer Crush, created this accessibility guide and map for our local outdoor crags. Learn which crags can be accessed through public transportation:

Affinity Groups

Representation is important, and many folks are working hard to build a climbing community that better reflects our population. Many of our gyms host affinity group meetups throughout the Bay Area. Here is a list of groups and a meetup calendar of events:

Report an Issue to BACC

Please use the following form to report any issues regarding trails (erosion, fallen tree), climbing routes (loose rock, broken holds), bolts or anchors, or any other access concerns here:

Offensive/Oppressive Route Name

Please use the following form to flag offensive and oppressive route names you may come across in guidebooks and online guides. As we receive responses, we will take steps to ensure the routes are flagged for redaction on online guides as well as reach out to guidebook authors and first ascensionists (FA), where possible, requesting them to rename the route.