Connect with us

No experience is necessary to contribute to BACC, just a desire to make a difference! There are practically unlimited opportunities with this organization, and there are always exciting things going on. Some recommendations:


Come join us at any of our upcoming Adopt-A-Crag events!  We generally run 1-2 events per month, and they take place all over the San Francisco Bay Area.  These events are announced on Facebook, Instagram, our website, and our email newsletter.

Come Talk To Us

Say hi to us at the gym or other local events! We regularly table at climbing gyms, outdoor retailers, and other spots frequented by climbers so come up and indulge your curiosity.  If you can’t find us, send us an email at if you have an idea about how to get involved.

Partner with Us

Are you a conservation organization who wants to join forces?  Are you a local who knows that your local crag needs some help?  Are you a parks employee who knows that an area needs work, but there’s not enough manpower to complete it?  Contact, and let’s work together!

Join the Board

Are you interested in running Adopt-A-Crag events?  Do you like photography?  Graphic design?  Logistics?  Writing grants?  If so, board applications will be open in November for positions starting in January 2018.


If you have more cash than time, we are a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) organization and it is contributions from the climbing community that make our work possible. Donations are tax-deductible and more information is available on our donation pages.