Indian + Mortar Rock Adopt-A-Crag: Coming up March 26, 2017!

Join the Bay Area Climbers Coalition for conservation work at Indian and Mortar Rock in the Berkeley Hills.  Activities will include adding new wood chips to the Pit, graffiti and trash removal as well as other efforts to improve one of our busiest and most treasured local crags. This is a great opportunity to give back to some of the East Bay’s finest bouldering! Bring your crash pads for some post-cleanup climbing.

Location:  Indian Rock is located up in the Berkeley Hills. The Mountain Project website provides a great overview and directions. Carpooling is a great option since parking is limited, please be respectful of neighbor’s driveways.
Date:  Sunday, March 26, 2017
Time:  10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
How to Join:  Sign Up via Eventbrite

Safety – We are HUGE on safety! There will be a safety talk at 10am on the day of the event. Please note that we require all participants to be present for the safety talk and wear closed toe shoes. Unfortunately, we cannot allow anyone to participate that does not wear closed toe shoes and/or attend the safety talk.
Food – Lunch will be provided for all volunteers.
– There are drinking fountains available at Indian Rock – please be sure to bring a water bottle.
– We will be getting tools and gloves from the City of Berkeley Parks department.
Bathrooms – There are no bathrooms at Indian or Mortar Rock; please plan accordingly. There will be a lunch break, and there are bathrooms available at nearby businesses and at Cragmont Rock Park.

Indian Rock – South Bay – Adopt-A-Crag – May 2016

On May 22, 45 volunteers from all around the Bay Area worked in 4 teams to complete several projects at Indian Rock in the South Bay. This event, in partnership with the Santa Clara County Parks, is an important step in ensuring we help take care of our beloved South Bay climbing areas.

Below is just a small snapshot of the hard work completed by our crew:
1 – Improved 2 approach trails and closed 3 social trails
2- Rebuilt log fence and tamped trail
3- Collected over 5 trash bags of glass and trash
4- Cleaned graffiti off of 9 key areas
5- Built 5 rock stairs on trail to lower tier of Indian Rock

Thank you to the many volunteers that came out to support this project as well as Boulder Creek Pizza for providing those hungry volunteers with lunch!

Castle Rock State Park Adopt-A-Crag – April 2016

Our first ever Adopt-A-Crag at Castle Rock State Park was a huge success with over 40 volunteers that showed up to take on a number of stewardship projects throughout the park.  We are so excited to be working with the amazing staff that oversees Castle Rock State Park to build programming to better engage the climbing community around stewardship at Castle Rock.

This event is the first of many to come and we hope that you will join us for future events at Castle Rock and other crags throughout the Bay Area.

Our organization’s goal, as always, is to ensure long-term access to our local climbing areas through the building of relationships with land managers, educating the climbing community, and by hosting stewardship events to care for the areas we recreate.

What work did the 40+ volunteers complete during this event?

  • We repaired and rebuilt four split rail fences throughout the park
  • We installed four new sign posts throughout the park
  • We removed over 50 pounds of glass and trash from the greater Goat Rock area
  • We removed graffiti from a number of caves around the Goat Rock area
  • We also closed two social trails that were causing erosion to hillsides

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue




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photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue


Mount Tamalpais Adopt-A-Crag 2016 Event Report

Last February, we partnered with One Tam to host a Mount Tamalpais Adopt-A-Crag event, and it was a total success! Under sunny skies, over 30 volunteers showed up to clean up glass and trash, close social trails, and improve the hiking trails that lead to some great climbing areas. The volunteers showed up early and got a ton of work done!

Huge “thanks” to Touchstone Climbing and Planet Granite for hooking up the raffle prizes for the event. We also want to thank High Tech Burrito for providing a great non-profit discount on a pile of tasty burritos to feed all of our hardworking volunteers. And another thank you shout out to our volunteer team leaders and to Francois Lebeau for taking photos of the gorgeous scenery, all of our awesome volunteers, and documenting all that hard work.

Here is a quick list of the work that we got done at these amazing local climbing spots.

East Peak:

– picked up over 50 pounds of glass and trash

– cleared overgrown branches from 300 feet of trails around the climbing area

– closed 5 social trails

– cleared rubble and loose rocks from over 4000 feet of trail

– cleared debris out of 16 water bars to allow water to easily shed off the trails

– removed 16 dead tree stumps from the trail

Lakeview Boulders:

– built 2 check steps where erosion was occurring on the approach trail

– cleared the approach of debris and leaves

– cleared overgrown branches from 150 feet of trails around the climbing area


Thank you again to everyone that came out to put some love into our local crags!



























Indian + Mortar Rock Adopt-A-Crag 2015 Event Report

Two of our amazing board members – Ally and Caden – got the chance to run their very first Adopt-A-Crag event at Indian and Mortar Rock and it was a huge success. Over 30 volunteers showed up to take on some needed work at Indian and Mortar Rock last Sunday. These volunteers worked crazy hard and got a huge amount of work done in a very short time!

Huge “thanks” to Planet Granite, Touchstone Climbing, and CLIF Bar for hooking up the raffle prizes for the event.  We also want to thank Rotten City Pizza for donating a number of their tasty pies to feed the hardworking volunteers.

Here is a quick list of the work that we got done at these amazing local climbing spots.

Indian Rock:
– picked up tons of glass and trash – easily 60 pounds
– installed new wood chips in The Pit, up top near The Ape, and along the start of the Indian Rock Traverse – 10 cubic yards in total!
– cleared dirt and pulled weeds from the main stairs leading down to The Pit
– swept all the pathways around the park – the neighbors love this

Mortar Rock:
– picked up trash from around the park
– cleared the stairs around the back side of debris and leaves
– installed some new rocks along the pathways to better define and discourage cutting through the planted areas

Thank you again to everyone that came out to put some love into our local crags!

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2015 Fall Highball – Sads Trail Work

The American Alpine Club hosts a number of Craggin’ Classic events across the country. These events focus on bringing the climbing community together and they always build in a stewardship project – all things we are totally in love with!

The Fall Highball in Bishop is a great event and excuse to get some Eastern Sierras crushing in while also making some time to help out with stewardship projects at the Buttermilks, The Happys, and The Sads. These climbing areas are very popular and get a lot of traffic during a very short season so the more that the climbing community can do to support and maintain these areas, the better.

Three of our board members – Allyson, Caden, and Matt – all made it out to this event and did some great work on the approach trail to The Sads.

The trail from the Chalk Bluff Road side of The Sads ascends a fairly steep hill and with all the traffic this trail sees it is in fairly good condition. Our team lead a smaller team of volunteers to make some improvements to this trail. With only 3 hours of work and 8 total volunteers, we were able to get a lot of work done.

Ally did some amazing work higher up on the trail where some of the existing stairs had come loose and were being washed out from heavy traffic. Stairs were fixed and cleared off to help better define the correct trail to use.

Caden and Matt added an extra stone stair about 1/4 of the way up – there was a big gap between the existing stairs and the outside edge of the trail was blowing out from folks walking on the outside edge. They also added some rocks on the edge of the trail to provide a visual marker for folks.

2015-11-08 10.59.47

2015-11-08 11.00.31



We also had some help from local crusher – PAULA!!!!!
2015-11-08 11.01.04-2

There was also another area where folks were side-stepping the stone stairs. This side-stepping was causing the outside edge of the trail to blow out and knocking rocks down the hillside. To stop the erosion issues and keep folks on the correct part of the trail we added a rubble wall.  Here is the before photo:


Here is the after photo – note the wall on the left side of the trail and the better defined stairs.


Remillard Park – CLIF Bar Employee Volunteer Day

The Bay Area Climbers Coalition has been partnering with the amazing folks at CLIF Bar since we started this organization. Everyone that we have worked with at CLIF Bar has been super passionate about stewardship and volunteering within the community. So when they approached us about doing a larger volunteer work day for 50 employees we were over the moon excited to work with them.


A big part of being a true partner with land managers is to listen…odds are you will hear about challenges they are having that you might be able to help out with, even when they have nothing to do with improving the climbing areas of a park. Remillard Park in Berkeley has some great top-roping and boulder problems, but the major work that needed to be taken on at this park was not in the climbing areas directly.

The 50+ CLIF Bar employees that volunteered their morning with us helped to make some major improvements to Remillard Park, including:

– removing blackberry bushes from the ivy on the hillsides
– clearing out broken glass, trash, and green matter from the sand in the kiddy play area
– trimming the ivy back from the pathways around the kiddy play area
– clearing the pathways and stairs around the kiddy play area of weeds and other invasive plant species
– weeding and trimming of bushes from fencing and pathways around park
– clearing of green matter from trails around back of rock
– clearing of trash and broken glass from trails around back of rock
– fixing of cross-slope on trails around back of rock

HUGE “thank you” to all the CLIF Bar employees that came out to crush all of this work in under 3 hours!



















Mt. Saint Helena Adopt-A-Crag 2015 Event Report

Mount Saint Helena is arguably one of the premier sport climbing crags in the Bay Area – with tons of routes and a wide range of difficulty it does have something for everyone.  Which is why it attracts climbers from all over the Bay Area and in decent numbers too.  On the day of the event we saw at least 50 climbers from every corner of the Bay Area.

The Bay Area Climbers Coalition is always looking for new projects at the most popular crags in the Bay Area.  Back in April we met the awesome folks from the Rock, Ice & Mountain (RIM) Club, who have been supporting this crag for a very long time.  They were psyched to work with us to take on some needed stewardship projects at Mount Saint Helena and we were equally as psyched to have a partner organization to take on the number of heavy projects at this crag.

image4 (1)


Jump ahead to October 17….we have a great crew of project leaders from the RIM Club and the Bay Area Climbers Coalition and 30 volunteers who are eager to help with making this local climbing area even better for the community.image3 (1)

With all of these amazing climbing stewards in attendance we were able to get a huge amount of work done:

1. We had a crew clean-up all the trash in both parking lots and then they walked the road both ways to clean-up trash near the other pull out parking options.

2. We had another crew that worked with two of the State Park employees to clear out a ton of downed trees and limbs.

3. A crew of volunteers built a rubble wall in front of the eroding gully that some folks have been using to go up to the Quarry area – the erosion on this hillside was really really bad, please use the established trails.  The trails are actually quicker, easier, and cause far less damage to the area.


BEFORE – eroding gully leading up to the Quarry
This is the correct climber trail that you use to access the Quarry and then on up to the fire road and the Bubble. You can see the rubble wall we built on the left – please do not use the gully that this wall blocks off, the erosion is really really bad.


AFTER – rubble wall installed plus we worked to cover up the terrible path leading up the gully

4. That same crew also closed off  a number of social/short-cut trails that were causing erosion issues on hillsides and exposing tree roots.

5. Another crew of trail folks worked on the upper part of the climber access trail for the Quarry – again closing off multiple social trails and diverting folks out of the eroding gully and onto the established and more solid trail.  They also fixed a number of the switchbacks on this upper part of the trail.  Cairns were placed to mark the correct way, thank you for keeping on the trail!image1

6. And at the very end of the day we all rallied to do some work on the “Shortcut Trail” that leads from the parking lot area up to the “Stevenson Homestead Site”.  This work involved clearing of the loose rock from the trail, closing of a couple of social trails, and clearing of downed tree branches from the trail.

Post event celebrations included some excellent sandwich fixings from CalMart, beer from New Belgium, cold beverages from Guayaki, and of course a great raffle where everyone was able to win something.


IMG_2693Thank you again to all of the amazing volunteers for putting in their hard work, love, and passion to support this awesome local crag!


Summit Rock Adopt-A-Crag 2015 Event Report

Summit Rock is a great sport climbing crag near Castle Rock – it was closed year-round for peregrine falcon nesting up until 2 years ago.  One of the major downsides to the closure, besides not being able to climb, was that no stewardship was happening but lots of people were still coming out there, tagging the rocks, leaving trash, and breaking bottles.

Eroding trails, graffiti on the rocks, broken glass, and trash can really take away from a fun day of cragging.

This year will be the third season that Summit Rock has been open and the second year we have worked with the Sanborn County folks to host an Adopt-A-Crag.

Last Saturday (October 3) was another successful Adopt-A-Crag event and we made a lot of progress with the clearing of the broken glass and the restoration of the trails.  We are also working with the rangers to set-up a graffiti removal project later this year – stay tuned for more details.

We also added some “bolt tags” to a couple of the climbs that are currently going through the peregrine falcon nesting location – please be sure to keep off these routes for right now.  The nest seems to move every season so we will move those tags if the nest moves.

Huge “THANK YOU” to the 30 volunteers and our volunteer leaders who kicked some serious butt with getting the following work done!

  • 100 yards of trails – re-established bench-cut and slope
  • 200 lbs of trash and glass collected (estimation)
  • All trails swept/cleared of debris
  • Built new stairs on eroding hillside

Here are a handful of photos from the event – make sure to swing by our Facebook Group for the full album of photos.










We also wanted to thank our sponsors and partners for the awesome raffle prizes and their continued support of our local crags!