Issues at Vent 5

We’ve received an overwhelming response from the community, voicing their concerns that the social trails are getting worse with the growing popularity of this crag. The human impact and the atmospheric winter rainfall have accelerated trail erosion at Vent 5.

There are no official trails south of Mickey’s Beach and west of Highway 1. Therefore, all trails leading down to Vent 5 are social trails. With no official trail leading down to the crag, the park’s department cannot take responsibility for any accidents.

As stated by state park rangers, any trail work on unofficial trails could result in fines of up to $50,000, which is why BACC has yet to organize stewardship efforts in the area. Establishing an official trail will require an environmental impact study by the state park and funding to make it happen. We aim to first foster a positive working relationship with Mount Tamalpais State Park by presenting a Needs Assessment Plan. Additionally, we are working with Access Fund on grant funding efforts.

We understand it can be frustrating that such a beloved spot isn’t getting immediate attention. Still, we are working very hard to determine the feasibility of establishing an official trail down to Vent 5.

If you’d like to learn more or have some thoughts you’d like to share, comment below and join us in our upcoming town hall for an in-depth discussion about Vent 5. Date will be announced very soon!

Edited 8/15/23