Access Fund is visiting the Bay Area! June 12-16

The Access Fund Conservation Team, Emily Hernandez (@em.hern) and Karson Leonard (@karsonlleonard), and the BACC will be in the Bay Area visiting various gyms (@movementgymsbayarea, @dogpatchbouldering, @benchmarkclimbin), mid June! Come say hello and stop by to learn more about conservation in the outdoors and win some awesome raffle prizes!


  • Indian Rock, Berkeley – Sunday, June 12 at 11am
  • Dogpatch Boulders – Monday, June 13, presentation at 7pm
  • Movement Belmont – Tuesday, June 14, presentation @ 7:30pm
  • Movement Sunnyvale – Wednesday, June 15, presentation at @ 7pm
  • Benchmark, San Francisco, Thursday, June 16, presentation @ 7pm

Alt text: Flyer that has the Access Fund Conservation Team and Bay Area Climbers coalition logo. Various dates and times are listed for the events. There are two pictures on the flyer slightly overlapped. The first one is a selfie of Emily and Karson smiling at the camera with mountains the sun setting in the background. The second photo of a few BACC community ambassador members standing behind a table talking to two people. There is wooden scaffolding in the background and various items on the table like shirts, flyers, signs and a wooden board with rusty anchors.