Gold Wall Access Status

Gold Wall is on private property. Access Fund has been working for many years with the land
owner. Access to Gold Wall remains uncertain with no formal agreement in place. Climbing on
private property is a privilege. Keep in mind that it’s still the right of the landowner to close Gold
Wall to climbing at any time and for any reason. The landowner lives on top of the cliff, and thus
is aware of climbers’ behavior on their property. The owner closed the cliff to climbing in 2021
after a climbing accident nearby. While the Access Fund succeeded in getting access restored,
our ability to keep climbing here depends on our collective compliance with the owner’s rules.
Fortunately, the landowner recognizes the value of climbing and understands how important
Gold Wall is to the climbing community. The land owner asks the following rules be followed
while on their property.

Rules for climbing at Gold Wall:
-No yelling and no loud noises
-No fires of any kind
-No camping
-Do not litter or leave behind human or pet waste
-Do not publish route information in books or online
-Do not disclose Gold Wall’s exact location in books or online

Access Fund continues to partner and support the landowner and explore additional long term
options for the Gold Wall. Access Fund is also working with Tuolumne County, Tuolumne
County Land Trust, private landowners and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to come up with a
solution to the Shell Rd parking issue. Please be mindful of where you park when going to Table
Mountain, do not block private driveways or vehicle access on Shell Rd and remember this area
is a high fire danger zone so use an abundance of caution!
Thank you for your ongoing concern for climbing at Gold Wall Please let us know if you see
anything that requires Access Fund’s attention. It is up to us as a climbing community to ensure
the owner’s rules are upheld so if you see something, please say something.