Recap: Stinson Beach Adopt-a-Site Cape Ivy Clean-up, Sept. 11, 2021

Another beautiful day at Stinson Beach! On Saturday, September 11th, the BACC joined the Marin Habitat Restoration Team and other National Park Service (NPS) employees for a day of invasive weed removal and creek restoration work at Stinson Beach, Coast Miwok Territory. 

The NPS and volunteer groups have worked on creek restoration and invasive species removal at Stinson – particularly Cape Ivy and English Ivy – for decades. These two prolific species are toxic to local fauna and choke off native flora growth. More information on cape ivy and the NPS removal efforts can be found online at their website here.

With the expert guidance of Maria Alvarez and Amber Van Meter of the NPS, our group successfully removed 320 gallons of invasive ivy, 600 cubic feet of debris, and 10 gallons of trash! Our team had an amazing time learning about the local environment and plant species, and we can’t wait to return to help with future restoration efforts – and hopefully eat more homemade peach cobbler and brownies ;).

The Bay Area Climbers Coalition poses for a group photo with members of the National Park Service at Stinson Beach
Photo credit: Amber Van Meter

After the cleanup event, BACC members met for their annual kick-off and several stayed later to enjoy some sunny beachside bouldering. All this made for a great day in the park!

Charles Futoran stands in an outdoor location next to a table with a green table cloth with the Bay Area Climbers Coalition logo. A group of board members stand around the table facing Charles.
The team learns the fundamentals of tabling from our resident community engagement expert: Charles Futoran. Photo credit: Nanda Guruswamy
Kim Harrison climbing up a boulder on Stinson beach. A crash pad is below her on the sand and the shore is pictured in the background.
BACC Vice President and East Bay Steward, Kim Harrison, displays flawless technique at the Stinson boulders.Photo credit: Karalyn Aronow

We are still looking forward to organizing events with community volunteers once land managers allow for hosting large groups! If you are interested in volunteering or participating, here’s how to get involved for future events!