Impact Alert: Nut Tree Boulders

The BACC is asking for your help in preserving access to the Hillcrest Boulders by honoring residents’ request that all traffic be diverted to alternative parking areas and by reducing the impact caused by a recent increase in activity in the area.

With climbing gyms closed, there has been a dramatic increase in traffic at many of our favorite outdoor climbing areas. While it’s wonderful that so many are discovering outdoor climbing, now more than ever we all need to do our part to make sure the climbing community’s access to the areas in which we climb are not threatened.

The residents of Hillcrest Circle, the neighborhood surrounding Nut Tree Boulders in Vacaville, have asked that all parking be diverted to alternative locations outside of the neighborhood. There are two convenient options with ample parking:

  1. Vaca Valley Pkwy: There is parking along the west side of Vaca Valley Parkway before it dead-ends.  The City of Vacaville removed “No Parking” signs recently to accommodate additional parking areas. Note that cattle are currently grazing in this area, so please be sure to close gates!
  2. McMurtry Lane: Heading north on Browns Valley Parkway turn left (west) on McMurtry Lane.  Go all the way down until you reach the Caliguiri Park and Preserve Area.  There is plenty of street parking there that will not interfere with residents. Note that cattle are also grazing in this area, so please be sure to close gates!

In addition to increased bouldering traffic, there has also been a significant uptick in the amount of hikers and dog walking in the area. This combined activity has not only lead to traffic-related frustrations but also to reports of increased littering, graffiti, and in some cases, property destruction.

You can help be a good steward of the land by observing leave no trace principles, encouraging others to follow suit, and picking up after those who haven’t gotten the message yet. Next time you visit Hillcrest Boulders, consider bringing a trash bag with you and leaving the area a little better than it was when you arrived. The neighbors will appreciate it, and you’ll be setting a positive example of how a conscientious climber acts.

Vaca Valley Parkway / Browns Valley Open Space Map & Photos

Caliguiri Park & Reserve Map & Photos