Board Member Spotlight

Our volunteers are the backbone of our efforts to clean up and enrich our community. Behind the scenes, though, is a group of dedicated board members who meet up every month to coordinate all of our clean up, movie night, and community outreach activities. Here are some of the rock stars who make it happen:

Kimberly Harrison

Pronouns: She/Her

Role in BACC: Ambassador (gym to crag)

Professional Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Why I Joined BACC: I wanted to find a way to contribute to the climbing community by stewarding outdoor climbing areas, increasing awareness of access issues, and helping other climbers to get more involved with preserving access.  I was also excited to meet others in the climbing community who are involved in establishing and preserving outdoor climbing near the Bay Area.

Favorite Place to Climb: In the bay, my favorite place to climb is Diablo Rock Gym. The prow there is legendary and super challenging.  Outside of the bay area, the Owens River Gorge in Bishop, Rattlesnake in Southern Oregon and Horseshoe Canyon in Arkansas!

Nanda Guruswamy

Pronouns: They/Them

BACC Role: Community Ambassador

Why I Joined BACC: I joined the BACC because I wanted to become more connected with the local climbing community and learn from others. When I first saw there were positions open at the BACC, I hesitated to apply. Mainly, I wasn’t sure if I was capable and I wasn’t sure if I would fit in. I pushed past the thought that “I don’t know if I can do this”, applied anyways, and have no regrets. I joined a diverse team of climbers who care about outdoor stewardship and making the outdoors accessible in various ways including for the BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and disabled climbing communities. Even with the pandemic, I have been able to help with virtual events. I have learned so much from my colleagues at the BACC and our partners about outdoor stewardship and outdoor inclusion practices. It has also led me to educate myself more about the history of the Californian land and learn the importance of acknowledging the Indigenous People who are here and their land that we are on.

Favorite place to climb: Currently my favorite place to climb is Pinnacles National Park. This land known as Popeloutchom to the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and is traditional land of Mutson and Chalon tribes of the Ohlone people. It’s where I got to lead my first pitch on a climb named Costanoan earlier this year. I am looking forward to the next time I get to visit, whenever that may be.

Kevin Huang

Pronouns: He/Him

Role in BACC: Communications Director, Photographer

Professional Occupation: Software Engineer

Why I joined BACC: I attended my first Adopt a Crag at Castle Rock back in 2017 because I wanted to give back to the climbing community. It’s such a wonderful place to learn how to climb outdoors, and I want to make sure it remains accessible for everyone in the years to come. I had the pleasure of speaking with the president of the BACC and he mentioned that they were looking for a photographer. Joining made sense because it seemed like a great way to bring together two of my passions for a worthy cause that I believe in.

Favorite place to climb: Yosemite and Bishop are the two places that compete for first place. You can’t beat those views!