Upcoming: Glen Canyon Adopt-a-Crag on March 30th

Get ready Glen Canyon, we’re coming for you on March 30th!

Join the Bay Area Climbers Coalition for our upcoming Adopt-a-Crag event taking place at Glen Canyon, a beautiful climbing destination nestled in the heart of San Francisco’s world-famous hills.

Together we will:

  • Clear brush
  • Complete some trail maintenance, including box step repair
  • Remove grafitti
  • Clean up any nearby glass and trash
  • Have lots fun

If you are joining us at the end of the month, here are some of details on how to prepare, where to meet and more. And don’t forget to sign up on Eventbrite if you haven’t already!

Where are we going?

Glen Canyon Park is located in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco, 10 minutes walk from the Glen Park BART stationTheCrag.com provides a great overview and directions. The park is a popular spot on weekends so parking can be challenging – BART is recommended if at all possible.

We’ll be meeting in the middle of the park at the northern end of the dirt road that runs alongside Islais Creek. You will find us just across the creek from the dark green Glenridge preschool building.

Stay safe

We are HUGE on safety! There will be a safety talk at 10 a.m. on the day of the event. It’s required for all participants to be present for the safety talk and to wear closed toe shoes at the event or they cannot participate.

Bring the right gear

As mentioned above, sturdy, closed toe shoes are mandatory. Other things to consider: a windproof jacket is recommended as the canyon can be quite foggy and windy from late spring to early fall, and bringing sunscreen and a hat is encouraged as it can be unexpectedly sunny in the city.

As for tools, we will be getting tools and gloves from the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department. However, feel free to bring your own work gloves if you prefer.

Stay hydrated and fed

A pizza lunch will be provided for all volunteers. This will include dairy-free and gluten-free options. For water, drinking fountains are available up near Christopher Playground and down at the Glen Park Rec Centre. Both are a five-minute walk from the project areas, so to save time please bring a full water bottle.

Know where the bathrooms are

There are bathrooms up at Christopher Playground and down at the Glen Park Rec Centre. Both are 5 mins walk from the project areas.B

We are an inclusive community and welcome all people, including LGBTQ+ and people of color.