“Reduce Your Impact” Art

Ta-da!! Bay Area Climbers Coalition is proud to debut a stunning piece of stewardship art. We worked with local artist Stevie Lewis to create this poster illustrating six key ways climbers can reduce their environmental impact at the crag:

-What’s the weather? Many Bay Area crags are sandstone, which is very fragile after rain. Allow 3 sunny days to dry out before climbing!

-Respect regulations and closures. Many crags have seasonal closures to protect wildlife or sensitive plants. Do your research to know accessibility.

-Other groups enjoy these public parks too! Be mindful that loud music and lots of screaming can disrupt their day.

-Climbing is so popular that we’re loving our crags to death. Minimize impact by following established trails and by putting pads and packs on durable surfaces. Don’t crush the brush!

-It’s cool to carpool! Many crags have limited parking or charge a parking fee. Travel together to minimize impact and keep the trip cheap.

-What’s your poop plan? Many local crags do not have restrooms. Grab a WAG bag at a BACC event and pack it out!

Want to help BACC spread the word about climbing stewardship? Email info@bayareaclimberscoalition.org if you’re interested in displaying the poster at your local gym, office, outdoor store, etc. and we will hook you up!

Impact Poster