Recap: Remillard Park Adopt-A-Crag, April 2018

The Remillard Park Adopt-A-Crag in the Berkeley Hills was a success! 38 amazing volunteers showed up, worked hard, and had fun! Over the course of three hours we:

  • Removed 3 spots of graffiti using new techniques to remove graffiti from a metal sign and a tree
  • Spread 4 cubic yards mulch throughout the crag’s staging area
  • Collected 4 cubic yards of weeds, shrubbery, and organic matter
  • Picked up 300 gallons of trash
  • Removed 75 gallons of poison oak
  • Consumed 10 Pizzas and 4 salads

*1 bag = 25 gallons

Thanks again to all of our volunteers and to Peak Yogurt for fueling our stewardship efforts!


graffiti, before
graffiti, after!


mulch, before
mulch, after!