Castle Rock State Park Adopt-A-Crag – April 2016

Our first ever Adopt-A-Crag at Castle Rock State Park was a huge success with over 40 volunteers that showed up to take on a number of stewardship projects throughout the park.  We are so excited to be working with the amazing staff that oversees Castle Rock State Park to build programming to better engage the climbing community around stewardship at Castle Rock.

This event is the first of many to come and we hope that you will join us for future events at Castle Rock and other crags throughout the Bay Area.

Our organization’s goal, as always, is to ensure long-term access to our local climbing areas through the building of relationships with land managers, educating the climbing community, and by hosting stewardship events to care for the areas we recreate.

What work did the 40+ volunteers complete during this event?

  • We repaired and rebuilt four split rail fences throughout the park
  • We installed four new sign posts throughout the park
  • We removed over 50 pounds of glass and trash from the greater Goat Rock area
  • We removed graffiti from a number of caves around the Goat Rock area
  • We also closed two social trails that were causing erosion to hillsides

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue




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photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue

photo credit: — Instagram — @andrealaue


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