Mount Tamalpais Adopt-A-Crag 2016 Event Report

Last February, we partnered with One Tam to host a Mount Tamalpais Adopt-A-Crag event, and it was a total success! Under sunny skies, over 30 volunteers showed up to clean up glass and trash, close social trails, and improve the hiking trails that lead to some great climbing areas. The volunteers showed up early and got a ton of work done!

Huge “thanks” to Touchstone Climbing and Planet Granite for hooking up the raffle prizes for the event. We also want to thank High Tech Burrito for providing a great non-profit discount on a pile of tasty burritos to feed all of our hardworking volunteers. And another thank you shout out to our volunteer team leaders and to Francois Lebeau for taking photos of the gorgeous scenery, all of our awesome volunteers, and documenting all that hard work.

Here is a quick list of the work that we got done at these amazing local climbing spots.

East Peak:

– picked up over 50 pounds of glass and trash

– cleared overgrown branches from 300 feet of trails around the climbing area

– closed 5 social trails

– cleared rubble and loose rocks from over 4000 feet of trail

– cleared debris out of 16 water bars to allow water to easily shed off the trails

– removed 16 dead tree stumps from the trail

Lakeview Boulders:

– built 2 check steps where erosion was occurring on the approach trail

– cleared the approach of debris and leaves

– cleared overgrown branches from 150 feet of trails around the climbing area


Thank you again to everyone that came out to put some love into our local crags!