Summit Rock Adopt-A-Crag 2015 Event Report

Summit Rock is a great sport climbing crag near Castle Rock – it was closed year-round for peregrine falcon nesting up until 2 years ago.  One of the major downsides to the closure, besides not being able to climb, was that no stewardship was happening but lots of people were still coming out there, tagging the rocks, leaving trash, and breaking bottles.

Eroding trails, graffiti on the rocks, broken glass, and trash can really take away from a fun day of cragging.

This year will be the third season that Summit Rock has been open and the second year we have worked with the Sanborn County folks to host an Adopt-A-Crag.

Last Saturday (October 3) was another successful Adopt-A-Crag event and we made a lot of progress with the clearing of the broken glass and the restoration of the trails.  We are also working with the rangers to set-up a graffiti removal project later this year – stay tuned for more details.

We also added some “bolt tags” to a couple of the climbs that are currently going through the peregrine falcon nesting location – please be sure to keep off these routes for right now.  The nest seems to move every season so we will move those tags if the nest moves.

Huge “THANK YOU” to the 30 volunteers and our volunteer leaders who kicked some serious butt with getting the following work done!

  • 100 yards of trails – re-established bench-cut and slope
  • 200 lbs of trash and glass collected (estimation)
  • All trails swept/cleared of debris
  • Built new stairs on eroding hillside

Here are a handful of photos from the event – make sure to swing by our Facebook Group for the full album of photos.


We also wanted to thank our sponsors and partners for the awesome raffle prizes and their continued support of our local crags!




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